Friday, August 9, 2013

It's rare

that I set my mind to things. Am I boasting? Maybe. Anyway, let me continue talking about myself. So I usually take the N or Q train home from work, and on the way the train always goes above ground onto the Manhattan Bridge. The view is like a huge sigh of relief after a long day. It's like a big, metal dolphin taking a breath of air before it goes down into gross, rat-infested waters. (Like my metaphor? Like the only literary tool I remember from English class?)

Every time I see that view, especially the sight of graffiti-covered buildings in Chinatown that makes me want to just jump out and Instagram the crap out of them, I think to myself, "I have to walk this bridge." This past Friday, I ended early from internship and decided that I was, indeed, going to take that walk.

I went home, spent a little bit too much time eating and online window shopping. Nonetheless, I packed my backpack full of things I didn't need but thought I might need just incase there was a park or bench along the way (there are none of those things on a bridge). I walked from my apartment all the way across the bridge, proudly stopping about 28 times to take pictures. I then further walked into Chinatown and took a train to Union Square, only to take another train soon after back home with the same view that I just walked..

All this to say, I did something I put my mind to. It was a small task, but it was some solid, alone me-time. It's a lot harder than you think to get solo reflection time in New York. I've been so busy hustling (and bustling) that I haven't had any time to myself, and it was actually pretty lovely (three adverbs in a row, eek). These are just some photos of that rewarding walk.

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