Saturday, December 28, 2013

December was Fast and Furious

This month always flies by quickly. Birthday, Christmas, holiday parties, etc. Too much to say, but images always convey things a little bit more concisely than I can in words.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Creativity is just like any other muscle in your body. Not that I have any or exercise my muscles at all, but you seriously need to use, stretch, and exert that creativity muscle or else it atrophies and dies. I've been trying to get into a self-motivated place of creativity to just kickstart some ideas. Eventually I'd like to have one or two garments that I have perfected and tweaked to my liking to produce for the beginnings of my brand. Pipe dreams, I know. But you gotta start somewhere.

Dat energy doe. 1960s Japanese kids getting in the groove, no inhibitions. No adults watching and supervising. No one to say no. No one to give glaring looks for being loud. No one to stop the young from being young.

Nature, also an untamable beast. Volcanoes are like teenagers in puberty. You never know when they're going to explode. The lava and the bi-colored mountain make this scene look graphic and almost abstract.

Venice Beach in the 70s is an eternal source of inspiration. Their vibe, their youth, their dare-to-live-or-die bravado that results from the invincibility one feels at that age with no thoughts of the future or what-ifs. That boyish blasé-ness. 

Fear. Blending in by blending out.

Masculine and feminine. Austere and playful.

Those colors. That family. The drama.

Is that you, Amelia?

And last, but not least, Daria in Celine. Prints. Plaids. Tiled walls that hurt your eyes. Outlines. Shapes. All the good things in life.

Saturday, November 23, 2013



Saturday nights, tunes, with friends/new acquaintances in Brooklyn. Those are the nights you live for. There's always been this romanticization of the music in the 70s because it was so integral to the changes and revolution that were going on in the world. They went hand in hand, and I'm extremely envious of a time where a movement is so heavily experienced or expressed creatively. It's been so long since I've had this kind of night where a bunch of people get together and just ENJOY music. It's a dazed, drug-like experience of being in the presence and power of music and getting swept up by it mixed with the joy of just getting to live in that moment with people who are your age but so different. You're united in that moment where you can just truly enjoy something together.

These are some of the jams. Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" to enjoy the song kinda song, but I don't curr. I will always fondly listen to these songs with a smirk on my face thinking of that Saturday. 

OHHHH dat jam... best on slightly burnt toast w/o peanut butter.

This one's for the laaaaadiessssss. Best to rock out to in yo car, fake hydrolics, and one-hand steering.

Wham... what a team... George Michael before he was GEORGE MICHAEL. And that hair, oh God that hair...

It's time for dat slow jam

Roller skating with those striped knee highs and short shorts kinda jam

'Tis the season to spend Christmas frolicking in the snow with George Michael and that other useless but slightly more handsome guy with extra long and obvious glances at that person you got down with last Christmas.

ENCORE? Until next time.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This has been a really strange and difficult year. Being an adult sucks. It has some perks, but honestly, if I knew adulthood was going to be like THIS, I would have taken my sweet time. Being 25 and having been pushed out of the nest a bit later than most, I think this stage of my life is hitting me hard and later than a majority of people I know. The post-grad life is weird, and many people have told me so. They kept telling me college was the best 4 years of their lives, and after the 20394th time I was like "Shuddapppp." But they was right.

I think one of the main reasons this year felt so difficult was because up until 22, I had somewhat of a direction. In elementary, you can't wait until middle school. Middle school, you're scared but also excited to be in high school. In high school, you freak out and apply for colleges like it's a life or death situation. You go to college and then it's like, Oh shoot. What now. I thought I wanted to be a UN diplomat and save the world, but now I'm like.. nah. So what do I do... And it's this eternal question, going back and forth, pondering and analyzing and wondering if this is what you were meant to do with the rest of your life. I know you can't have all the answers now, but there's still this sense of urgency or lacking if you don't have SOME kind of direction. I thought I did, but I'm starting to second guess myself.

All this psycho babble is making me thirsty (for life, and physically). So out of boredom and because I surf the net all the time, I turn to the internet for some kind of answer. And then I got super envious of these people on FVF. Freunde von Freunden means.. I have no idea. All I know is that I'm jealous of every person that's featured on this site. Some of the visual stories and interviews make me feel a bit insignificant and like I'll never have that life, but on the flip side.. they inspire me. I know I have a long way to go, but you consistently see that it takes hard work, passion, and a great community to get to where you want to be. I don't need a lot of money nor a beautiful, Williamsburg, super decorated apartment (although, cmon.. that'd be nice). I just want to be content where I am with the people around me and the work I do.

A Kind of Guise is one of those stores/stories that I love. It's also one that I'd like for myself, but in my own way and time, I suppose.


Also, these guys. I meannnnn, how could you not. One is a photographer, the other a jewelry maker. They surf. They live in Williamsburg in a friggin sweet place. They got a cat. They're cute and have a handknit hat company together. BAH if I were to make a movie about myself and the life I wanted, it would have looked like that!!!! But also, I realize that everything looks more romantic and wonderful in pictures. I'm sure they work their butts off, but also enjoy what they're doing. I know for a fact that those who work hard to do what they love and make a living off of it while trying to live life, mature, and experience the world as a creative-minded person does...  it's super hard. I get it. But they look dang good while doing it. And there's a satisfying warmth that they seem to have because they're living off of the stuff they love.

Friday, October 25, 2013



GENTRY just dropped they new website. IZ ABOUT TIME. Check it out if you want to be relevant in #menswear. JK, don't do it for the #menswear. Just check it out if you like stores that are legit.

YAYUHHH. Get excited. Check out the store in Williamsburg if you can. Invest in some pieces that will last you decades, and you'll be hashtagging that ish for at least 20 years.


chuckle. This was my inspiration:

I don't look like this. Oh well.