Saturday, January 18, 2014

Part II

Seoul is cafe heaven. No other city compares to the intricate interiors and execution of a concept. Maybe a little bit on the too-cutesy side, but I appreciate the creativity. It's actually pretty intimidating to walk into these feel like you'll ruin it, like you're intruding. Each cafe I went to had its own rules, its own "language," per se. (These thoughts are a result of me being really observant and super introspective because I was alone). Nonetheless, this was one of those places where the menu was inside an old classic movie VHS box in the form of photographs. There was also a triangle, as in the instrument, which you had to play to order something. I was too shy to do it, so I just waited until the waitress was close enough for me to say "excuse me" really timidly. The cake was free too... so... it was awesome.


Hongdae, one of the most happenin' spots in Seoul

And another beautiful cafe was "bloom & goute" displayed here with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The MotherFatherland

Korea. I lived here at one point, but it's not 100% accurate to call it the motherland. Seoul changes so rapidly that it's hard to call it anyone's motherland anymore. I love this city, but when I visited it had changed so much that I felt like a total noob. On the other hand, it gave me a fresh pair of eyes to see the city that I thought I knew.

Family time in 석초 and 설악산, a coastal town by the mountains. That's where you get all that fresh fish and sashimi, Korean style, without having to travel too far from Seoul. We also got to hike (not my most favorite pasttime), but I have to say it was so worth it. I know I'm getting older because I've begun to thoroughly enjoy nature. Not saying that if you enjoy nature you're strange or not youthful, but I guess I've always been a city girl. My parents would always take us places where there were like trees and foliage and stuff, and I'd always be like, "Ugh, boringgg. Can we go back to the frikkin' (a common word used circa 1999) hotel?" But now I'm like taking 249 pictures of the same tree and mountain scene (mostly because I'm excited to Instagram it, but still...).

And God definitely used this week to encourage me as I begin the new year. Meeting old friends and getting to spend time with family made the trip even more significant, and many words of truth and love were spoken to me through these people. It gave me the boost and strength I needed to face some fears and anxieties I've struggled with in 2013, and I feel blessed to have started the year this way. So a belated Happy New Year, fresh-off-that-Korean-boat-style: