Sunday, October 20, 2013


Fall is the best season. It was sad to see summer go when you had to go back to school. Counting down the days until your freedom would reach an inevitable end was always dreadful, but New York is just too damn hot. Summer here is enjoyable for like, literally a hot second. Fall is summer's mature and sophisticated older sibling. Clothing-wise, you get to LAYER. You get to wear that knit beanie, bust out a scarf, and put on a jacket over your shirt with some camp socks to give that city-hiker look you trying to pull off as "natural." Walking around and exploring your neighborhood becomes so much more enjoyable with that slight breeze and sun in your face, making it the perfect time to have some real coffee after all those gross frappuccinos you've been drinking all summer (and by you, I mean me). I miss raking leaves and apple-picking and the more suburban activities that are associated with the season, but New York's charm is definitely heightened in the fall. 

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