Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Spent a week there and loved every minute of it, whether awesome or miserable. Traffic is kind of disagreeable, but as someone who resides in NJ.. I get it. There's just something in the AIR. Maybe it's because I'm not a local, and the romance and excitement of it all just got to me. But there is something different and fresh about the West Coast. It's always been a symbol of something NEW, a symbol of freedom, quite fickle at times, for wanderers like Jack Kerouac and many more. I could go on and sound like a broken record or just a parrot of all the people before me who have traveled to, lived and settled in the West, but California really just refreshed me, opened all my senses to a point where I didn't even really comprehend what I was enjoying or seeing but just LIVING in it. Just feeling it. I don't think I've ever maximized my time like that before, traveling to that beach or that store, filling every single moment with an activity that was new and unexplored by me in my past 25 years of living. I tried surfing for the first time. I ate legit carne asada tacos that were definitely authentic because the line was a bunch of locals and papis and the sign looked like it was from the 70s. I got lost and ended up in Laguna Beach, almost died a couple times while having to cross 5-6 lanes when my GPS screwed up. I met strangers and befriended them. Man, I don't know how to even satisfy my longing to share the glory of California in words or in an adequate expression of.. anything. But pictures will do. Maybe.

Getting lost in Laguna Beach

Haha, Smoketree..


Oh hayyyy

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