Thursday, May 30, 2013


Our third companion joined us for the California adventure, and what a freaking day. Los Angeles, I never thought I'd love you this much. We went to LACMA and saw the horrifying and the genius of Stanley Kubrick. Worth every penny, but too bad I've only watched two of his movies. I promised myself I was going to watch everything he made, but I also want to keep my sanity, so.....

Last time I went to LA, I only went to dumb spots. This time, I really explored all the places I wanted to and researching online really paid off. To see what I had expected and not expected was too exciting to handle, and it all just felt surreal. I sound cheesy and immature when I talk about LA, but maybe that's just what happens when you talk about something you love. The not knowing what I was going to see or if we'd get there was also a part of the excitement, but I really fell in love with that city. There's just something different about it than New York, and, yes, climate has to do with it for sure.. but more than that, it's just the feeling of possibility. New York can bring you down sometimes, and it feels like negativity and cynicism are hanging over you all the time. There's more of a high risk, high reward kind of feeling in NY, whereas LA has more of.. an open arms feeling to the brave and free-spirited. It warmly invites you to make whatever of it, while NY kind of looks you up and down, makes you feel like a noob all the time.




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