Saturday, November 30, 2013


Creativity is just like any other muscle in your body. Not that I have any or exercise my muscles at all, but you seriously need to use, stretch, and exert that creativity muscle or else it atrophies and dies. I've been trying to get into a self-motivated place of creativity to just kickstart some ideas. Eventually I'd like to have one or two garments that I have perfected and tweaked to my liking to produce for the beginnings of my brand. Pipe dreams, I know. But you gotta start somewhere.

Dat energy doe. 1960s Japanese kids getting in the groove, no inhibitions. No adults watching and supervising. No one to say no. No one to give glaring looks for being loud. No one to stop the young from being young.

Nature, also an untamable beast. Volcanoes are like teenagers in puberty. You never know when they're going to explode. The lava and the bi-colored mountain make this scene look graphic and almost abstract.

Venice Beach in the 70s is an eternal source of inspiration. Their vibe, their youth, their dare-to-live-or-die bravado that results from the invincibility one feels at that age with no thoughts of the future or what-ifs. That boyish blasé-ness. 

Fear. Blending in by blending out.

Masculine and feminine. Austere and playful.

Those colors. That family. The drama.

Is that you, Amelia?

And last, but not least, Daria in Celine. Prints. Plaids. Tiled walls that hurt your eyes. Outlines. Shapes. All the good things in life.

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