Saturday, November 23, 2013



Saturday nights, tunes, with friends/new acquaintances in Brooklyn. Those are the nights you live for. There's always been this romanticization of the music in the 70s because it was so integral to the changes and revolution that were going on in the world. They went hand in hand, and I'm extremely envious of a time where a movement is so heavily experienced or expressed creatively. It's been so long since I've had this kind of night where a bunch of people get together and just ENJOY music. It's a dazed, drug-like experience of being in the presence and power of music and getting swept up by it mixed with the joy of just getting to live in that moment with people who are your age but so different. You're united in that moment where you can just truly enjoy something together.

These are some of the jams. Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" to enjoy the song kinda song, but I don't curr. I will always fondly listen to these songs with a smirk on my face thinking of that Saturday. 

OHHHH dat jam... best on slightly burnt toast w/o peanut butter.

This one's for the laaaaadiessssss. Best to rock out to in yo car, fake hydrolics, and one-hand steering.

Wham... what a team... George Michael before he was GEORGE MICHAEL. And that hair, oh God that hair...

It's time for dat slow jam

Roller skating with those striped knee highs and short shorts kinda jam

'Tis the season to spend Christmas frolicking in the snow with George Michael and that other useless but slightly more handsome guy with extra long and obvious glances at that person you got down with last Christmas.

ENCORE? Until next time.

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